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Regional Acceptance
Main address: 1420-B E. Firetower Road 27858 Greenville NC
(866) 644-7687, (877) 722-7299, 1-866-644-768, (888) 761-8685,
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  • Sep 23
  • Auto Financing
  • Car Loan
  • 205

My son was given a car loan with a paycheck of $1600 a month a $400 1st car payment a $800 rental payment and multiple other bills that showed on credit report. His credit was poor 600 and just got out of bankruptcy. Now how does anyone grant a loan with this scenario ! a auto loan with no money down. Also needed a co signer to sign who has not worked in 3 years. and has a low credit score.... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Auto Financing
  • Car Financing
  • 2
  • 2
  • 485

I purchased a call thru regional acceptance. Yes I was aware that my interest rate was high however my credit is poor so I signed the papers. I have never been late on my car note in the 2 years that I had my vehicle. My car note was direct debited from my account. Now the problem began when my car was totaled. I called regional acceptance and ask that they stop the direct debits from my... Read more

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  • Aug 09
  • Auto Financing
  • Late Payments
  • 312

God forbid you are a few days late on your payment.....they immediately start stalking you by calling 5 times a day and then they send a letter to you saying that they will not tolerate such horrible delinquency on the account and they also send out emails as well....I mean this is all for a couple DAYS late not MONTHS late. Look I know I don't have the greatest credit score in the world and was... Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Auto Financing
  • Car Payments
  • 298

Today I called RAC about a car payment, and asked how many more Payments I owe. Well they told me 39 but my last will be in the amount of $2100.09!!!! The reason is I got 6 deferments and my car payment is $351.50, total is $2100.09. Now nobody mentioned that before in fact I was told that the payments would be added to the end of the loan, not one word until today that what that really meant was... Read more

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  • Jul 27
  • Auto Financing
  • Late Car Payments
  • 1
  • 1
  • 313

I was behind a couple of month payments tried working it out refused to talk telling me what I want to do is unexceptable and there interest rate is 5 dollars a day and late payments are over 56 to 60 added on to the interest so that put me even further behind so I mailed them a payment in July 400 which is more then my payment they would not let me pay on line or over phone so that made me mail... Read more

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  • Jul 12
  • Auto Financing
  • Nutrisystem Program
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  • 1
  • 399

I've read thousands of consumer complaints and they're so similar to what I've experienced. This basically sums it up for those with Q's.: 1) This is the worst nightmare financial company known to man. They're liars, call from fake numbers. They'll call you multiple times a day, 7 days a week - yes, even on Sunday up to 9:30 at night. 2) Within 30 days past due, they're searching for your car.... Read more

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  • Jun 21
  • Auto Financing
  • Bad Service
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  • 1
  • 244

Financed a truck through this company in 2012. The economy hasn't been really good and we fell behind. In attempting to make things right, Regional Acceptance refused taking our money and threatened is with a felony. Read more

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My car was recently totaled and the lady with the total loss department was so rude. And wouldn't give me the information needed to file my GAP claim also said it would take 7 to 10 business days to get a letter of guarantee out so I called the corporate office that I looked up online and they were very nice had the letter of guarantee faxed within an hour!!! Thank gosh I'm done with this... Add comment


  • Jun 06
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Lien Guarantee Form
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  • 165

For a week and a half, my auto insurance adjuster and I have been trying very hard to contact someone about paying off my auto lien. Recently, my auto was total so the insurance campany needs a lien guarentee form. We called and the phone was never answered. I got an idea to call like I was making a payment, now the phone was answered. The coustomer service represenative was rude and kept... Read more

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