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i for one am getting tired of the threatening phone calls from Regional acceptance

how can a company call you at 1030 at night and talk smack to you over the phone and extorting money its time to fight back and hurt them most where it counts there pockets and free cars

These people are unethical,brutal and just lousy

what finance company is allowed to finance people but can't refinance when the economy is bad to help customers out so payments can be made on time?

I don't believe for one minute they can't they don't care to

and I am sure some *** will comment with pay your bill on time and to that person I have this to say in the state the economy is now makes things hard or something happens where one can get side track a forget about payments example = moving,new born child hospitalization a death in the family.

I think a class action lawsuit will get the point across to regional acceptance that we will not stand for this anymore

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How could I join the class action lawsuit? Themastershands@netzero.net


I agree that this company is in a class along.They do not care.

I think that they take advantage of weak people.It would be interesting to see what the courts would do about the that this company treats consumers.

to AJ Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1082761

Anyone interested in Class action lawsuit (regional acceptance) email me at landry737@gmail.com

to Legenadary Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, United States #1128526

They are in breach of contract right now with me they have changed my due dates twice on the contract without my acknowledgment which is ILLEGAL.I plan to sue them if they do not settle or do not come close to my demands.

The courts will rule in my favor I have them by the ***. They are charging late fees when my contract says I'm not late, they have posted derogatory credit history when I haven't been late, they have now started harassing my family members when they think the payment is due and it really isn't. My payment isn't due until the 18th which is on my contract they have changed that once to the 15th of the month and then 2 months later changed us to the 1st of the month and I already told them that I will not pay them until my payment is actually due.

We have paid payments that have not ever been posted to our account.It is a huge legal mess and I just hope they want to get this settled as much as I want it over with.

to Legenadary Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, United States #1189435

My wife and I would be. Screw these jerks. Contact me at



Is there a Class Action against RAC?if so how can I get in it?

I paid a vehicle off in May 2009 and have yet to receive the title to my vehicle. When I went to the bank, the branch manager called RAC and requested the payoff amount and while they were still on the phone drafted a cashiers check for the amount given and gave RAC the check number. The check was sent off that day. They received the check and a payment that I had sent off prior which for $536.

That $536 was included in the payoff quote. RAC actually sent me an overpayment refund but not the Title to the vehicle.

Now they say we still owe one last payment and have reported us to the credit bureau saying we defaulted on our car loan.If there is a class action pending, I want in.

to Anonymous #1082763

Regional acceptance lawsuit email me at landry737@gmail.com


POS company if you ask me!!I was suppose to be the cosigner on this loan and now I find out they made me the primary on it!!

Oh *** no!! I didn't sign up for primary!!

They can go @#?!# themselves!!!DO NOT DO BUSSINESS WITH THEM EVER!!!!

Loveland, Ohio, United States #939795

I just joined the class action lawsuit also.

to Anonymous #1016079

Can you tell me who to contact to join this class action lawsuit?

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