403 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792
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They don't care who they hurt. As long as they get their money. Such absolute horsesh*t.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let me make my payment on April 12th and OFF repossession. If I can't make this payment on the 12th, then I will voluntary return my car..

Regional Acceptance Cons: Customer service, Payment administration service.

  • Financial services
  • worst company
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In other words, YOU signed a contract in which YOU agreed to make each and every payment on time. Not only that, the ONLY reason YOU were PLACED with this subprime deadbeat lender instead of a bank is because YOU failed to pay other creditors on time.

Here we are today and you're whining about the lender. Let me guess, they are holding you to the promise you made to make on time payments, right? Isn't that so, so cruel of them! They won't let you make partial payments or they refuse to play the "Let's change the due date" game.

Oh yes, they are so, so cruel and heartless . By the way, now's the time to write back claiming I must work for them!


You must work for them to defend this horrible company. They are a rip off and i am certain all these views wouldn't be saying the same things if it wasn't true.

I am a victim also. Why you all up in our business anyway...why you ok n here being nosey. Maybe you work for them to scroll the website to let them know what's being said. Go tell them.

Be careful how you treat people!!! Karma is the real deal.


The ONLY complainers are sorry, whining, wailing serial deadbeats who don't pay on time and then throw their temper tantrums because they just can't stand the consequences they brought upon themselves. You NEVER find people complaining who do what they promised to do...pay on time and that's an obvious FACT!

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