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I purchased a vehicle in 2008 and my balance is over 11K they wont reply back to my emails or send me documents indicating why my balance is so high. The employees keep calling me even after I told them to stop calling my job, they are violating the FDCPA and they dont care even when I tell them. I have asked for a full audit of my loan but they keep ignoring me. My fees are high and they wont explain why I have so many. The have deffered... Read more

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Regional Acceptance is the WORST. If you hear the name run as fast as you can. They are rudest people I have ever had to deal with. They need to be reported to BBB

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just reading some bad reviews,i have had nothing but kind people working with me on my car loan, I lost my job in nov, they helped me work to keep my car, very,very understanding people,so a big thank you to the whole staff, they not only help me ,but there was no sign of rudeless in their voices, I,ve have talked to at least 10-12 people, and the same pleasant talk from all, thank regional acceptance and their team, they gave me a loan when... Read more

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They have the worse cusgoner service attitudes are real bad and these people work for the company. The qulafications to work there must be a smart mouth and rude. The branch I have the pleasure dealing with is the branch in Dallas . Cammilia Ridge, Mr. Howard are the worse in the world and how dk they still have a job. I will tell everybody I know do not get a car if Regionql Acceptence has to finance it. They interest rate is to high. My name... Read more

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How do you finance a car for 78 months been in the car for 5 years purchase it 2011 price of the car was $21,000 in 2016 I owe Regional Acceptance $21,000 do the math they are ripping the American people off if you had personal problems in the pass. On there car you pay on the interest not on the principle so you will always owe them. Regional Acceptance you are the worse finance company that I have ever dealt with. Read more

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RAC sent an courier to my secure property and my key only entry condo and scare my wife. Yes I'm behind my payment due to two car accidents in 3 months that left me out of work I'm working two part time jobs with a sever back problem bit thaws people act as though they are the only one I owe but they are the only unreasonable so as I take legal means to file bankruptcy I'm going to lit the car loan on the list I'm 60 years old and need surgery... Read more

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I have a car financed with regions bank auto finance. I had gotten a few months behind do to bcbs tx not pay my clinic for the last year and we have an attorney but since 92% of my patients are city employees and city teachers and ups with all are labor law protected the claim is worth over 1/2 million dollars in fines. But we had to subsidizes and consolidate quickly. And it took time and very little collections were coming in. We went from 60k... Read more

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DONT EVER USE... WARNING...This is the worse company. I purchased a car in 2010. A 2009 Nissan versa a 15,000 dollar car if that. Its now 2016. For the mist part I made my payments of 367.00 a month. As all fell into hard times I know I paid the car off after 6 years but they kept adding late fees. Well tonight they took it and according to them I still owe a whopping 12,000. Unbelievable. I'm an older woman with bad heath. I would call and b... Read more

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I am still dealing with this company, they are garnishing my checks. My payments was $450.00 a month, I couldn't not afford to keep, they where not trying to work with me. I told them to come pick it up. They say I owed $8,000 or a little less, I said I agree my owe something but not that much. I found documents to back that up plus what the car for and they wrote it of on there taxes. These people are horrible and the law firm that works for... Read more

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