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I deal with the Northern Virginia branch of regional acceptance for my car and I will NEVER deal with this company again!!! I'm now in the process of refinancing my loan simply so I can deal with another company.

The staff is VERY RUDE and on several occasions I have been given false information and then called later and pretty told it's my fault that I don't know what's going on. How does that make sense?!? Also, when I've talked to different staff members to have something clarified, they have been nasty to me, bad attitudes, and have even gone as far as hanging up on me because I simply want to get my questions answered. I work in customer service and that is NOT the way you talk to people.

I DON'T RECOMMEND that anyone deal with this company and if you do...proceed with extreme caution. SILVIA WARE in the Northern Virginia branchis my account representative and she is the rudest person I have ever come into contact with and if I could I would sue her for harassment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regional Acceptance Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why all the contact with them? This isn't rocket science...the contract contains the due date, amount and how to submit payments.

You make your payments every month and that's the end of it! They don't need to contact you and there's nothing more you need to make payments on time!

Oh I don't make payments on time, you're regularly late, trying to get out of making on time payments, trying to play the "change the due date game" and their bill collectors are doing something so, so unreasonable...holding you to the terms of the contract YOU agreed to! Yep...that's about it, right?

to Anonymous #1370506

Again with your weird YOU DONT MAKE PAYMENT *** that you have pulled from nowhere. You sound like an idiot trying to act all high and mighty and like you're the smartest person to walk the earth.

The only part of your comment that's even close to relevant is how much contact there was, and I would imagine if you're refinancing or changing loan providers, it's probably going to require some contact and maybe even *gasp* warrent some questions! Take your pretentious *** somewhere else buddy.

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