We did what everyone has done and found out the hard way...never co-sign for a family member. Business money and family almost never work, not to mention the unexpected hurt and loss of both the relationship and finances.

With that being said, my husband co-sign for a car loan for his 50+ year old sister, needless to say she had not made one payment on the car four months after receiving it from the dealership. So we had to step in and take it and start making the payments. The vehicle had been a hardship ever since. We managed to sell the car and let the individual make payments on it as well as carry the insurance.

No it wasn't anyone we knew and we were lucky to get such an honest individual. We knew that we would have to poney up some monies at the end to make the payoff amount. The real problems we faced with Regional Acceptance is this: since we had three car payments you better know there were plenty of times we were late. But what really killed us was the Insurance they kept tacking on to our loan!

At $1500 a pop! They said when the paperwork was sign, it was written in that we were to maintain a deductible of no more than $500 we did provide proof of the insurance deductible being $500 but once they tack on the $1500, they will on reverse out, even if you provide proof! The wording of this in the contract is no where to be found and if you cannot find your paperwork after 2 years, they certainly will not provide a copy of it to you or quote page, section and verse. We hired an attorney who was unable to break through their fortress of bullshitting account collectors.

So now we are sitting here with our loan that matured in August 2010 but with the 2 times insurance add on and multiple late fees our payoff sits at $3500. My husband and I call this morning to see if we could negociate down any monies with a resounding "NO" from their people we grudgingly gave our payment information to get rid of this Finance Company from ***. My advice on getting a vehicle with bad credit, or no credit would be to estabish an accout with a credit union or institution other than the bottom feeder that Regional Acceptance Corp really is. It isn't worth the headach or stress to keep your credit moving forward.

Regional Acceptance Corp is really a difficult Company to work with. They may have helped and financed a vehicle for you but during times of hardship (and there will be times) they will not back down on getting exactly what is owed to them and they will not work with you.

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well we are happy with regional acceptance to get us credit established after are chapter 7 discharge, you are told the interest rate, and your monthly payment right up front,if you dont like it,, dont agree to it.. if you make your payment on time, and keep up your car insurance they will help you establish credit again. we are new at this company and just made our first payment and we are very grateful for this company!


When you call Reigional Acceptance pissed off and all about their service please call their correct phone number not ours. We are tired of hearing it.

CALL Telephone them at 1- 8 6 6 - 644-7687


The sharks are both the dealer and Rac, they make it pretty at first and when u realize that you cant afford the payments you are screwed. Yeah they finance you, but take advantage of your bad situation and help you by giving you 17% interest??


And the dealership knowing you cant afford the loan, they help you by delaying your payments and making you fall in love with the vehicle. Lets be realistic people.


Yes, I am answering on behalf of RAC. RAC is not a shark.

EVERYTHING is laid out in the contract. Like "lol" said, we don't put a gun to people's head. They put it to their own when they don't read the contract. Nothing is hidden on the contract.

It tells the customer what there payment will be, the late charge, APR%, how much they are buying the car for, how much interest they will pay over their loan, and their total. People need to take responsibility for their actions!


answer to simple unleashed the furry of Caps Lock!!

The simple answer is that all Regional does in finance the deal. The people that drive the car, signed the contract and i am sure there wasn't a gun to there head.


Simple you bend over backwards is your answer, you lend people? so you are answering on behalf of rac?




I'm sorry, but I am calling BS on you. RAC DOES bend over BACKWARDS for people!

When you're unemployed, or the cosigner isn't paying and you have bills, when you have children, etc etc etc the "bullshitting account collectors" work out payment plans and try to come up with some way to help you make your payment. I've NEVER seen a company so lenient. And how can you call RAC a bottom feeding company?

We gave you a loan when no one else would. So doesn't that mean you're a bottom feeder as well???

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