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My husband and i went to Dream Car in Cedar Park. We were looking for a car because his broke down. Due to his credit not being good and mine barely good i co-signed for him to get a car. We were informed that Regional accpetance would give us a loan. We questioned them about the high interest in which they told us we could refinance in a year. We left the lot with the 2013 Malibu priced at 13,000.

2019 we are oweing 20,000. We had a downfall and the lady on phone offered a 2 month extention to help us. She never said anything about the interest and stated that we had 4 more. Thinking this was a big help we were happy to use it. Well that was a big mistake. I called and asked why is pur payment going up instead of down. The man was rude and said you have had extentions and been late. I asked him how much has went towards the principle and he said 2,000. We been paying on this car since 2014....have paid about 16,000 and only 2,000 went toward the car note.

This is robbery and something should be done about this company. I went back to the dealership and they won't trade the car and said we owe too much on it. I told them they were the ones who talked us into letting these crooks finance us. It had stressed me and my husband out because we stuck with a car that we will never pay for.

We really need somebody to help the victims in these reviews. I pray somebody see these complaints and come forward to help us put these scam artist out of business. The workers are very unprofessional and answer the phone like they at home. PLEASE some lawyer or someone help us get out of this ordeal.

I hate we ever went to the dealership name Dream Car in Cedar Park Texas. The guy actually told me I'm paying interest and unless we pay the car off in full we would never pay it off. He had sympathy for me. I asked him of he used the company for a loan on car and he said no ma'am. So whT does that tell you. I'm so upset about this matter and hoping to find a solution because they can't get away with this. We all need to pull together and seek an attorney who will take this case. Are you all with me?

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This is happening to me. Any lawyer recommended are welcome cause this is fraud. We have a set APR.


Your contract says EXTRA INTEREST would be added when YOU pay late. If YOU didn't like this, then YOU shouldn't have said late. How obvious is THAT?

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