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I hate and I mean hate this company 17%....really and my car payment is $479. This was the worst mistake ever.

This was my first car loan and I was backed in a corner needed a car and these devils stepped in. Be prepared to get harassed by the customer service reps back to back calls. They are the worst. They don't even want to take partial payments.

I wasn't late yet. I just wanted to pay $250 one week and the rest the next and they didn't want to do that. All or nothing. They really want you to be a slave to them.

There is no grace periods. I got sick and wasn't working but paid on time this whole time and they wanted to put a payment on the end which means more at the end of my deal. I hate them.

Now my credit is lower. They look for ppl like this and feed off of them.

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Oh poor baby. You want to play the victim here.

Isn't that sweet? Guess what deadbeat? It was YOU who defaulted and they did a legitimate repo. Your first car loan?

Where on earth did you ever come up with this idea paying on time is optional?

What you did is what the sorry, disgusting serial deadbeats do. No, I don't work for them.


I have them for my car as well. Haven't had any issues but my car is done.

Motor went out 6k to fix. I don't have that kind of money. I'm making payments to a car that is just sitting there & we need it. Not sure what to do...voluntary repo?

I'm scared they'll try to sue me. Any advise?

I'm so lost. Plus my whole ppayment is going straight to interest like a lot of people.


I can relate. My rate was 23.75% - predatory by my states standards.

But they are based out of another state so they get by with it . All was going well till my fiance' lost his job. I did not even have bad credit a the time :/ I was just in desperate need of a vehicle (8 months pregnant and had a single cab truck) and had limited history, and no revolving accounts for the last 5 years (before that a car loan paid off on time, and never late).

About a month after we signed, I was contacted by a dealership offering me 8% interest on a brand new vehicle! So while so many others disagree with you - I DO NOT sure we agree but they saw us all coming like suckers and took advantage.


Make your payments on time and they don't harass you. Really!

I've had them for almost five years, and have never had them call me once. Oh, I've only been late once, but it was in my grace period, and still no phone calls.

Yes their interest sucks, but that's because you probably had bad credit like I did at the time. I've got a few more months left, and with a better interest rate, I'd definitely finance with them again.

Cullman, Alabama, United States #933596

I know you'll hate hearing this, but they're not doing anything wrong. You agreed to pay a certain amount by a certain day each month, and you agreed to the interest rate and all other terms.

They're just upholding the agreement. You're the one who wants to do something other than what you agreed to do.

And a company doesn't have to have a grace period, and doesn't have to take any payment other than what is owed. So while you may still always "hate" this company, they didn't do anything but abide by the contract you signed.

to LMW Oneonta, New York, United States #1049310

You can't charge anyone 17% , you sorry excuse for a human.

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