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To all those who have posted here about this company. I have been in contact with an attorney who is willing to start the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Please contact me at mcf41160@gmail.com

If you have been a victim of the collection and credit reporting practice of Regional Acceptance Corp, I urge you to email me for the starting of this class action lawsuit against them. I will contact you as soon as possible. I do work a full time job, so I will be calling or emailing you back in between working and replying to others. For years I have seen and heard about this company and people wishing that someone would start the class action lawsuit. Well now it has been started but will fail without all of your responses and cooperation.

Thank you

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Class Action Lawsuit.

I didn't like: Rates, Unwilling to negotiate new apr or refinance, Car loan, Very rude and impolite customer service.

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Been dealing with them for 4 years soon to be 5 still not any closer to paying off my 2013 dodge caravan please add me Lnturner2013@hotmail.com


I emailed you in November about this and never heard back please add me: rczarko@gmail.com


Add me... RAC is definitely not willing to lower you APR no matter how well you been paying keeping you upside down for years to come when trying to get refinanced with another company that is offering you a significantly lower interest rate. mstawana3@yahoo.com


I’ve finance at car at 16,xxx dollars and a year and a half later I owe them 17,xxx dollars I’m not understanding this!!!! @brookemcmhn@gmail.com


I sent an email




Please add me. I financed a 2016 Jeep latitude compass.

The price was $17,500. With all the interest from Regional Acceptance, the grand tot and l of my vehicle when its paid off will be slightly over $30,000. That's ludicrous!

The employees are rude and unprofessional! leighreid57@gmail.com


Oh thank you for initiating action opposing and shedding light onto RAC's unprofessional, condescending, inhumane, uneducated ways of training their phone reps, so called supervisors whom are probably more dunce by way of their twisted unorthodox way of enacting "customer service." Two "higher ups" did not even know what the phrase "due diligence" meant. Just complete unempathetic and ignorant country pumpkins within that whole company.

So one can only imagine, just how fun it is to explain facts with mathematics and recorded proof being brought to an initial phone rep...whom gets alllll discombobulated (uh-oh I used another $10 word they think is alien talk) ...um...aka frazzled ....when a customer makes sense brought and backed up with knowledge and facts. Oh what fun Email: three.r.d.eye@gmail.com "There is power in numbers" -Law of Large Numbers Tear down "The Wall"


please add me sdt1202@gmail.com


Cristin.l.smith@hotmail.com had them for two years and my balance is the same...


For some reason they keep saying my debit card, credit card, and bank account are all incorrect to call them when I am on RAC app or website. This is false information.

This causes payments to be late, to me it seems intentionally. I know I'm not the only who is experiencing this.


Add me please girrork40@gmail.com. Intrest is to high and principle won't go down. Very rude and threatening on the phone.


Add me macreme4@aol.com


Add me betzamie@yahoo.com had same issuea


Please add espinoza1328@gmail.com


Add me lashontamorrison@gmail.com


Please add me cristin.l.smith@hotmail.com


Me too cristin.l.smith@hotmail.com. been making payments and still owe the same amount for two years. Non stop calling and rude associates.


add me too please lillian295@gmail.com


You can add me chrissies88@yahoo.com I hate dealing with this company the people there talk down on you

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