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To all those who have posted here about this company. I have been in contact with an attorney who is willing to start the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Please contact me at mcf41160@gmail.com

If you have been a victim of the collection and credit reporting practice of Regional Acceptance Corp, I urge you to email me for the starting of this class action lawsuit against them. I will contact you as soon as possible. I do work a full time job, so I will be calling or emailing you back in between working and replying to others. For years I have seen and heard about this company and people wishing that someone would start the class action lawsuit. Well now it has been started but will fail without all of your responses and cooperation.

Thank you

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to "class action lawsuit" as the author lost $20000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Regional Acceptance. The most disappointing about regional acceptance auto financing at Regional Acceptance was rates, unwilling to negotiate new apr or refinance and car loan Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Add me bbgirl362003@gmail.com


Add me as well 2011gbpackers@gmail.com


Please add me nonny.howard@gmail.com. I have made 2 years of on-time payments of $539/month.

I've NEVER been late on a payment. The original loan amount was $23,000 and after 2 years, I still owe over $20,000.


Please, add me to the lawsuit against this finance company. paulmayes17@yahoo.com


Please add me I got my car in 2014 paid 4 years of 359 and today it shows I only paid off 77.00 on my loan amount and still have 2 years and 9 months to go.


Please add me as well, im in the same situation this is horrible and put me in A very bad Situation.

to Karina Cecil #1525680



Please add me to class action suit against this car finance company. Al_arambula@yahoo.comTook orig loan out in 08/2008 on new Hyundai Accent veh.

High interest rate of approx. 17%. On 72 month loan and exoerienced Lots-o-harassing robocalls when late on payment. Many deferred payments and threatening car Repo that never satisfied loan and after 72 months .


. Had to extend loan contract another 3.5 years to avoid repo.Something seriously wrong having to pay 10+ years car note (28K) on a 13K loan!


We got a car loan in 2013 for 21000 never 30 days late and still owe 18000 car is only worth 4000 now. I got a truck loan with ally 6 months befor that for 34000 and only owe 11000 on that, its RAC thats not Doing things legally. Im in!


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Please contact me at:bbrownell76@gmail.comInterested in being part of this class action suit.


Add me in eshatee35@yahoo.com


I've had horrific phone calls with then. On the history printout I made payments for a full year and nothing was applied to the principle. Add me pholt2007@hotmail.com


Add me in nonsense49@aim.com


I had a car with this company and was hit in 2012. The person that hit my car was uninsured. How can I get them to remove the totaled car since I have no way of contacting the other party?


I look forward to participating in the civil law suit please add mstawana3@yahoo.comThank you!!!


I bought a car in 2011 price of car $31,000 paid approximately $56,000 on vehicle as of June 2018 they say I still have a balloon payment of $19,000 no were in contract does it state the balloon payment . Why would I give you $70,000 for $30,000 car that doesn’t even seem logical .Im tired of being held hostage by this company or rac.


Add me to lawsuit...toddmuras@gmail.com


please add to class action lawsuits. earl1182@gmail.com



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