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To all those who have posted here about this company. I have been in contact with an attorney who is willing to start the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Please contact me at mcf41160@gmail.com

If you have been a victim of the collection and credit reporting practice of Regional Acceptance Corp, I urge you to email me for the starting of this class action lawsuit against them. I will contact you as soon as possible. I do work a full time job, so I will be calling or emailing you back in between working and replying to others. For years I have seen and heard about this company and people wishing that someone would start the class action lawsuit. Well now it has been started but will fail without all of your responses and cooperation.

Thank you

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to "class action lawsuit" as the author lost $20000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Regional Acceptance. The most disappointing about regional acceptance auto financing at Regional Acceptance was rates, unwilling to negotiate new apr or refinance and car loan Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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rondsjlac@gmail.com :D


Add me in too!!1


I have the same thing going. I like to be added if it's not too late. robint674@gmail.com


Please contact me payment haven’t been going down and I missed a couple payment where they was suppose to put it in back of my loan but reported to credit as if I missed payments. Veroharris1123@yahoo.com


Please add me Chontel@me.com, Chontel27@yahoo and my friend stringer2U@yahoo.com. This is A horrible company and my payment is so high and my amount is not doing down.


Please add me to your law suit rileybekker@gmail.com we got involved in the start of April of 2018 havent made a payment yet but its due on the 30th. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN ADD ME TO IT.


Please contact me ASAP. I just got involved with these guys at the start of April and i need help to get involved with the suit.

PLEASE! contact ne at 8015741565.

We were promised a loan at 17% for 60 months but when i got my first bill it turned into 50% on a 90 month loan. Please help us!!!!


Please add rjhall34@gmail.com


Please add me:Rbrandonk@gmail.com


Please add my contact information: ladiajefferson@gmail.com

Troy Harris

Please add me! Troy44738@gmail.com


Add me too m.gonsalves@aol.com


Please add me. My car payment of 455.00 monthly has been on time every month for over a year and I still owe 17000 on it.

Why isn't it going down. Ready to just give it away.

It is a 2014. Kbb has it listed in perfect condition for 8000.


Please add me I have a 2011 Altima I have been paying on since 2014 balance is not going down my email is roxboro38@gmail.com


Please add me to your lawsuitwintergurl05@hotmail.com


I purchased a used 2010 car 3 yrs ago payment $257, missed a few but my balance as of today $7844. Wth!!

how is that even possible.

So pissed I just want to give them the car. An it seems the balance just keep going up & up....SMDHStdandrich@gmail.com


Please add me to your class action suite lindah53@yahoo.com


Any updates on the suit


I paid without any changes to principal the are ripping me off

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