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To all those who have posted here about this company. I have been in contact with an attorney who is willing to start the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Please contact me at mcf41160@gmail.com

If you have been a victim of the collection and credit reporting practice of Regional Acceptance Corp, I urge you to email me for the starting of this class action lawsuit against them. I will contact you as soon as possible. I do work a full time job, so I will be calling or emailing you back in between working and replying to others. For years I have seen and heard about this company and people wishing that someone would start the class action lawsuit. Well now it has been started but will fail without all of your responses and cooperation.

Thank you

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to "class action lawsuit" as the author lost $20000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Regional Acceptance. The most disappointing about regional acceptance auto financing at Regional Acceptance was rates, unwilling to negotiate new apr or refinance and car loan Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Please add me. Shyshaune@gmail.com


Please add me and my husband Jackson bought car 11/2015 finance 24,000 still owe 24,000 in 11/2018 jacksona546@yahoo.com and we will like a part of this class action lawsuit. Balance to high


Add me too cromer@null.net


I previously responded I would like to part of the lawsuit the are God awfully terrible to do business with.


please add me to this list cmulock1@gmail.com


Please contact.....paying lawyer now cause we gave the car back cause balance was never moving now the auctioned it off and had a lawyer take me to court and making me pay 100.00 a month till balance is paid but paid for almost 4 years and still owed for another 4 crazy Calebsnyder38@yahoo.com


I am ex military and I have a 3 inch file with 3 different contracts. I they sent with wrong dealer & color of car, etc after I filed cpb COMPLAINT I gave had no luck with an attorney but ample documentation.

I paid 628.00 MOS for 5yrs (paud).

They say I owe 16k out of no where Make matters worse repo car & I haven't heard a word? Plz contact me at tonysmith4848@gmail.com


Please add me to the list angielu0218@gmail.com


Please add me to the list! Purchased a 2012 Chevy Cruz in May 2012 for 24,000, and still owe 16,420 in 2018..

Car is now 6 years old, and I can't trade or get rid of it, or even get it refinanced. Regional Finance has been a really bad dream...

Need legal help bad... Thanks!!!!!


I have had my loan through regional acceptance for the past two years and I have a 547 car payment and when I got my car my original loan was 24000 dollars. I’ve paid every month on time.

And now two years later I want to refinance and my car loan balance is still sitting at 22k. I have to basically take out a personal loan just to be able to get rid of them !

Add me !! mariahelong92@yahoo.com


Please add me i make all my payments on time and nothing is going towards the interest I cant trade nor refinance everyone is telling me i owe to much on the vehicle and i have had it over a year please add me atlsexiboi@gmail.com

to Eddie Milledge #1559770

Same here !!! I’ve had my car for two years and make payments every month ON TIME and my loan balance is only a 2k dollar different and I pay 2k in payments in 4 months !!!!


Please add us to your wait list as well Harley-graves@live.com Thank you


My husband and I love his car but it's a Kia soul and can't refinance cause they insist we owe all of the interest and payments even if we pay it off early. If you pay early I've Never paid all the interest only the principle


Yes I agree I sent an email to you!! 5 years and still no dent in the principle!


Please add me. They refuse to negotiate even though I am able to make payments but the interest and principal is outrageous. Itsmissbianca@gmail.com


Add me bbgirl362003@gmail.com


Add me as well 2011gbpackers@gmail.com


Please add me nonny.howard@gmail.com. I have made 2 years of on-time payments of $539/month.

I've NEVER been late on a payment. The original loan amount was $23,000 and after 2 years, I still owe over $20,000.


Please, add me to the lawsuit against this finance company. paulmayes17@yahoo.com

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