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well he bought me a car from a ford place where I am named as the owner on the title him as the co owner, but on regional it has Russell havens as the barrower.We had a 60 month term to pay this off he had it down to only 15 months to pay it off.

But my x got mad at me and stopped payment in September of this year. We started the agreement in October 2011.hes been the one paying on mind you I am a disabled person and that was my only ways of mean of getting to and from my doctors appointment I have cancer and I have c.o.p.d ,and I don't have any family or friends to take me to these appointment's. And if I die because of them I have pulled up the paper work to sue regional acceptance corp. then my x husband gave me some paper work for the car on January 13 2015,just to find out that the paper work he gave me was indeed fake.

But *** me got mad that they reposed the car I smutted the paper work to them then the next morning called Russ just to find out that he gave me fake god, I just faxed miller to day the one who does repos in Ohio and let them know that I didn't know that the paper work I smutted to them was fake from Russell havens. This man is out to get me.because I couldn't let him drink and verbal abuse me any more I don't care how sick I am I don't deserve that. For Gods sake. I would like to sue regional and Russell havens .because Russell havens took advantage of a disabled person, and regional acc corp.for not making him keep the payments up he had been doing it for years out of 60 months and he only had 15 months to go and took it right out from under me being disabled.

I just paid 1,0000 and something to put a transmission in the car where he had it tore up, and bought 4 new tires for it, just to be taken from me 2 weeks later.Help any one can help me email me at am on a fixed in com I am disabled and don't know what to do.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. sbabygirl62 stated that there is a room for improvement of didnt cotact me what so ever and car loan. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of regional acceptance loan and associated monetary loss in the amount of $4500. Regional Acceptance needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Really? You should learn to use spell checker on your pc , then you won't " smutted " or submit your complaint incorrectly Lol


That's *** up russ get a *** life....I wish i could help you but I'm in own *** up car situation trying to fix it....but god will bless you

Maytown, Pennsylvania, United States #958973

Got approved for a loan 3 weeks ago and at welcome call my cousin lied so they denied loan yet he didn't have a job or lic and they denied it 3 weeks later over him!The bank is horrible stay away and there ***!

getting attorney tom to fight them!

I sold my other car for this one and now don't have one at all!!!!!!Sick very sick calling BBB

Loveland, Ohio, United States #939335

too bad for him, got a lawyer one that takes on cases just like this for disabled people now that his bankruptcy is over I can sue for the amount I am out. Just found that out today from my lawyer he was waiting for the bankruptcy to clear then go after him. For taken advantage of disabled persons, now who needs to shut up and suck it up.

to sbabygirl62 Houston, Texas, United States #939771

A lawyer who just filed for bankruptcy.Sounds like a real winner.

You are delusional if you think you are going to win a suit against the company.

They didn't take advantage of anyone - your sorry ex did that.Next time choose more carefully.

to fortescue Loveland, Ohio, United States #939789

you have it wrong x filed bankruptcy not me. and now that his bankruptcy is over. now my lawyer wants to go on with civil suit.

Iowa, United States #939202

Quit feeling sorry for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If the car payments arent made they have every right to take it back!!

Others are disabled and loan companies dont give them FREE CARS!!Pay up or shut up and quit feeling sorry for your little self.

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