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I've recently read stories regarding repossessed vehicles and I do sympathize with most of you. But, what about those who deserve their vehicles repossessed.

I have a brother-in-law along with his concubine partner (mildly stated) who take no responsibility for paying their bills. They are 3 payments behind right now, and have made only 1 good payment in the past 3 years. Regional Acceptance Corp. should have repossessed their vehicle long ago. Instead, they have let them keep it.

Neither one of them work. They live off of Social Security & V.A. benefits & make enough money to pay all of their bills!

I say, Regional: "Go Get It!!"

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if you know where the vehicle is all you have to do is call into the company and give them the information on where to pick it up if they haven't already found it.. which i'm surprised they haven't already.

also they do give finder fee's or whatever you wanna call it.

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