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these people have no idea how to run a company. they are rude,do not return phone calls, and do notsend mail out when they say they are.

there coments are always twisted saying stuff that is not regional acceptancecorp. GET A CLUE....IDIOTS.i have tried to work with them on payments,but they want to do things there way and only there way.making money is hard enough these days,they should really think about what they do to others .its obvious they do not care,i wish i didnt have to deal with them at all.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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:( I do not like dealing with this company because they would not even take my small amout at the time. They wanted the whole thing or nothing at all and then told me when I had to pay the whole thing.

They are very rude and call my cell, work, home phone all hours of the day and night even on Sunday.

So unprofessional. I will never get a loan under them ever again and I have been spreading the word about this company.

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