I had bought my 2007 ford focus in raleigh nc and it was financed thru regional acceptance,I always made my payments on time til my hours got cut at work in 2011 so my paychecks were not enough to pay for my car payment.it took 2 paychecks to pay my car payment.I would always call and give them a notice about when I would dend my payment off..well I got sick(july 5,2012) I was diagnosed with acute leukemia and I was hospitalized for month and half..my dad was my co signer and as soon as he heard what happened to me he called regional. Meacceptance and explained The situation to them so they said that they would help me outr.well now they have took and put my car into a RECOVERY.I been out of work since july 5 2012 and I don't get my disability money til feb 2013..so I will have me a lawyer on Monday and its not fair for me to go thru what regional acceptance did to me.they lied.its not my fault cause I got sick...where's the RESPECT AT these days.VERY UPSET.I only owe now $7,050.00..

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