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I’ve been having many issues with them since day 1! The day my loan was transferred to them I instantly felt a bad vibe.

& here I am today struggling with a past due account & a gap claim denial because of their inconsistency & will to do as they say. Oh, & give wrong information. It’s almost as if they do it purposely. Now in a $2000 debt & no car due to non fault accident.

They refuse to take some responsibility in this case & TRY to work with my Gap Ins to have account overturned. They’re very persistent for their payments but horrible with customer service & keeping up with the to ensure all is resolved & taken care of. Even my own supervisor Jerome is “never in” or “not available” to assist. Last time I spoke to him was Sep 2018 .

We’re in April 2019. Only one supervisor named Maria has tried her best to help, though it’s not her assigned account. Collections called for a payment Borge rep Denise & Supervisor Rusty (whom denied to give last name) were rude. Didn’t bother to help me, I wanted to speak to a supervisor to explain the attitude of the Rep & how she was talking with someone next to her & as I was explained my rights to her she laughed.

I had a worse discussion with Rusty. Telling my how my account was past due & me trying to explain to him what happened & what is still happening, has the nerve to say it’s not their responsibility for what happened or happens with Gap.

Please add me, will send email

Product or Service Mentioned: Regional Acceptance Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You've been having " many issues"? No, you haven't been paying on time and that's the ONLY problem and it's caused by YOU! Until GAP actually issues a check, then you must still make payments and generally GAP does not take care of past due payments which serial deadbeats forget about!

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