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Why am I getting phone calls because a friend put my name on his application as a reference. He must be behind in his payments, so they are calling me.

GFY..there must be laws against this ***. I am supposed to be their collection service? I get calls during the day while I am at work. They tell me that when I see the individual I need to tell him to call these hacks.

I did not sign anything or agree to anything with this company.

Why am I getting calls about someone's account status. If I was the one who had a loan from these people and found out they are calling others about my account; I would sue them.

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If you were listed as a reference, be mad at the friend that gave them your number... Not the company for calling it.

There are reasons finance companies request "reference" phone numbers. Examples would be, when someone skips out on a loan and they are trying to recover their collateral.

If you don't want these types of calls any longer, all you have to do is..

1. Tell your friend to stop giving it out.


2. Politely ask the person to please remove your number and not call again.

These people making the calls are REAL people, doing REAL jobs with REAL families to feed and clothe. By the time they are calling references, they have exhausted EVERY other means of contacting the individual they are actually looking for.

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