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well after getting 4 or 5 phone calls a day even after i spoke with them the first time they called me i finally have the money to give them and they wont take a debt card bc it was 90 days past due already ... wtf call and ask me for money i even explained i lost my job due to this crappy economy and now wont take my money worst company i have ever dealt with.

In new york if you are trying to make a payment the company must accept it no matter what weather it is for the whole amount due or not it is the LAW and once you have made some type of payment phone calls must stop for at least 30 days .....

someone tell regional acceptance wort company charges for everything i swear they charged me just to answer a question over the phone ..... i wont even get started at how un professional they are rude and nasty if i ever talked to people like that when i had a job i would be standing on the unemployed line with the other 10% of new yorkers

Review about: Regional Acceptance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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seems strange that you would be bad mouthing a company when you were the one 90 days in default. Maybe if you paid your bills on time you wouldn't need to be called several times a day to get you to pay on a contract that you signed.

You are part of the problem in the economy and maybe even a reason why debt collectors get a bad name. Pay your bills and no one would have to call and track you down.


I agree with you mmtik and all the other thousands of post regarding RAC. I have never seen a company with so many rude,obnoxious immature,and unprofessional employees.

Is RAC training their employees to treat their customers like that bc it seems like a company Motto! Do they really think bc they work for RAC they are way better than you and your beneath them?

In todays economy nobody has perfect credit, perfect payments,most people are struggling just to make it and doing the best they can, even those that one time was considered high class and had it easy! These people need to stop letting their job they have at the moment go to their head!


The ones in here that are speaking positive about this company never had a problem or work for the company.


people know that they have a loan with this company ,but do that give Regional the right to to be unprofessional in trying to get their money they sound like a bunch of hoods. There was a man who wife sued a company for the death of her husband because he lose his job and was overwhelmed with debt, and this one company harassed him over the phone and he died his wife won the case.


Who cares if they are from RAC? They're speaking the truth. Half of these people on here do not know what they are talking about.


"areyouserious" WTF..clown i just seen you complaining on another post and you got the nevre to say this. RAC rep there.


"areyouserious" WTF...clown i just seen you on another post complaining and you got the nerve to say this. Im thinking RAC person.


Having just received a call from Regional Acceptance concerning a payment they contend is overdue, however it is not overdue as the money is in THEIR BANK and has been there for 12 days (I checked with their bank) I can agree. The woman who called took a rude pill this morning!

She kept interrupting me and raising her voice. I finally told her "do not bother me at work and you personally, do not call me".

I have never been treated this way by anyone and I am not about to start now. Oh - and I am NOT a New Yorker!


What are you thinking? You were extremely late and you need to pay your payments on time. If you loaned someone over 20,000 dollars, you would want them to pay your money back to or give you back your collateral.


areyouserious- are you retarded? I have an account with RAC.

I was with Centrix and my payment was 300 a month which is what I wanted to pay off the bill faster. Well a year later I started getting bills from RAC. I was like WTF is this. Well they said they bought my contract because Centrix wasnt dealing in autos anymore.

I was like ok cool. The next month my bill was 551.55. They said it had to go up because I was late. I told them I wasnt late.

I decided to look up Centrix a few days ago to see what happened.

Them fools went Bankrupt. They had legal problems before I got my car and Koons Ford stuck me with them.


okay really. your going to complain about a company that has given you how many chances to pay your bill?

losing your job is understandable but you still have your rent to pay right? you still have your eletricity.. having a car isn't a nessisity, you can live without a car, you can't live without food. regional acceptence loans you the money.

and *** right they are going to keep call you for it until you pay. you signed a binding contract, stating that you would pay every payment. now. if you actually paid your bills on time or even set it up with an ach account you wouldn't have to worry about the phone calls but since you are late in repaying the loan *** right they are going to call..

get over it or trade in the vehicle. end of story.

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